about Andrew Tate

Ever woken up and just looked around you? This is what I did aged 14.

I was told that GCSE’s are what it took to get into college, then a good performance in college would allow me to go university. Then, if I was lucky, I would get a “good” job aged 24 and 30grand in debt.

I was only 14 but I was smart enough to know this was bullshit.

I wanted to know why I didn’t have a Ferrari. Why I didn’t have a yacht… I saw these things but they were not mine, and I knew academia was never going to lead me there.

My dad is a world class chess player. A somebody.

I decided I wanted to be world class at something. I decided I wanted to become a somebody too.

I became obsessed with fighting near overnight.

Not a particular martial art, or style, simply fighting as a whole.

I knew a few guys in the year above me at school and I asked them if I brought in some UFC style gloves if they would fight me no rules. They agreed.

4 fights and 3 suspensions later I was still undefeated, I never knew anything then. I just knew that I wanted to win.

Aged 18 and looking for more people to fight I found Storm Gym. The instructor, Amir, kicked my ass day 1. Ive been with him 12 years now, learning.

Two world titles one British title and one English title later here I am, training hard, winning fights, still trying to become a somebody.

King Cobra