Near the end of my time atop Wudan, I was enjoying tea and conversation with Master Po. I was now a master myself, and could enjoy conversation without severe reprimand. We discussed many things, I was seeking knowledge before my final ascent from the mountain. I decided to ask him the last time he was […]

The library itself was designed to promote silence. Huge beams of solid oak supported its ceiling and the door was many inches thick. Sound would dampen before reaching the outside world and I couldn’t hear anything besides my own loud breathing. I put my ear against the door and closed my eyes. Although very tired […]

I returned to Wudan today. I had stories of the many warriors I had beaten in over 26 countries around the world and I desperately missed Master Po. On my arrival a wizened old face greeted me. A monk who was a child at my graduation now stood guard at the temples edge, near 2000 […]

Master Po had a fearsome pet tiger, named Jin Tian, which was larger than any other tiger in the known world. Rumor has it Po captured him only a few hundred years ago as he traveled alone through the forest. That winter was especially bitter and as the white snow fell both Po and Jin […]

In the year 213 I woke atop Wudan to the sound of three loud thuds. Thud Then a small pause. Before two in quick succession. Thud Thud. I ran out into the court yard to find three thieves, laying flat on the ground with Po standing between them with a look of disappointment. They had […]

Master Po was very critical. Of all my time atop Wudan, I struggle to think of a conversation that took place without him correcting someone, or something. I did understand his grievance with most things, especially as he was eternally correct, however he had a particular dislike for dreams which always confused myself and the […]

In the year 744, Po woke me in the middle of the night with a sharp slap to my forehead. He commanded me to meet him in the courtyard. The night was perfectly still and the air smelt of the moon. The blue light filled Wudan and Po seemed uncharacteristically disturbed. I know that something […]

And so it happens that on this day, my birthday, Master Po died. At 5am after morning exercises master addressed his adepts (as he called us) regarding a mission to eradicate a sub-sect of the Hyarushi Clan. They were masters in the art of poisons, an honour less yet highly effective skill. Po warned us […]

After arriving on Wudan mountain priest master Shi Yan Hui instructed me to practice Kizami-zuki for 100 years. Upon completion I was ordered down the mountain and to stand Shinzen-Tai in front of a large tree. “Young Cobra” Master started. “Demonstrate to me what you have learnt. Use your bare hands to cause as much […]

Twice a year myself and Master Po would travel to a sacred part of Wudan where the spirits of ancient warriors resided. Knowing nothing but war their entire lives, they would engage you instantly. Master Po would disable them at will, abolishing hundreds with fast strikes and unorthodox technique. I could hold my own against […]